Lambretta Parts

New & used parts

std rims

std lambretta rim silver £22.95


sip aluminium rims call for price and availability


lambretta speedos available for most models. priced from £40

breeth sweet filters

breeth sweet filters. mini fitment 22mm del/jetex priced £41.95 midi fitment 22mm del/jetex,25-30 del. £44.95 maxi fitment 34mm del 35mm mikuni £44.95 guide line fitment only.

scootopia cable kits

Excellent quality with grease nipples . £27.20

surflex b grade .

surflex cluch corks 4 plate. £18.95

scootopia corks

scootopia clutch corks 4 plate. £12.00

lambretta clutch spider.

lambretta clutch spider. Italian made (mec) £65.00

lambretta gear selector.

Italian made . £59.00

spaco 30mm carb

spaco 30mm £61.20